Greater Distance

Buccaneers Genuine Leather Mouse Pad - Red

Great Gift Item: Guaranteed to be your most beloved possession as it boasts eye-catching graphics and is inscribed with your favorite squad's name and colors. Proudly display your favorite teams name and color

Handcrafted and Hand Stitched: The Leather mouse pad is handcrafted, finely stitched using only the best material, namely 100% Full Grain Leather. This accessory is branded with your favorite team logo that will last a lifetime.

Engineered Luxury: Bold Design to match your team spirit, our leather blotters are made with richly colored leather. The leather is dyed, meaning the leather won't crack or peel over time but instead develop a beautiful patina as it ages.

Non-Slip Backing: Our mouse pads are finished with a textured backing, so your mouse can move easily while your mouse pad stays in one place.


Size: 7.75" x 9.75

Finish: Embossed

Material: Genuine Leather


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